2021 Honda Pilot – Overview, Interior, Colors, Price

2021 Honda Pilot is a mid-sized family SUV suited for car owners who are looking for a car that can fit a large family and are not willing to own the heavier mini-vans. With its features, Honda Pilot 2021 is the right car for any type of adventure; be it a family road trip, a highway drive, shopping, or driving to the office.

2021 Honda Pilot Review

This confidence-inspiring ride comes with a host of sophisticated modern technology features. Unlike the previous episode of the pilot, the 2021 edition offers a 9-speed-automatic transmission across all its 8 trims.

From a comfortable and spacious interior to a new exterior trim, this 2021 Pilot is a class ahead of some of its peers. This three-row seater can accommodate up to 8 passengers with room for a captain’s seat in the second row in some trims.

It has a 5/5 safety rating. For a car owner who is keen on the car’s fuel consumption, the 2021 pilot is relatively economical with its fuel consumption.

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Honda Pilot 2021 Exterior

Honda Pilot 2021 Exterior is perfectly designed to enable you to walk in style anywhere you go.

2021 Honda Pilot Exterior

2021 honda pilot colors

Honda pilot 2021


Pilot 2021 Overview

The styling of the exterior of the Pilot 2021 is both bold and an attention grabber from front to back. It offers a wide range of exterior features that a can owner can pick from.

2021 Honda Pilot Colors

If you are indenting on buying an SUV of your desired color appearance, the Pilot 2021 offers a choice of eight different colors. It comes in; Steel Sapphire Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic, Deep Scarlet Peral, Platinum White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Obsidian Blue Pearl, Obsidian Blue Pearl, and Black Forest Pearl colors options.  

Fans of the Black Edition have an option of a Platinum White Pearl color.

2021 Honda Pilot Styling

Honda has redefined and modernized the 2021 Pilot by giving it both rugged and refined exteriors designs. The front grille is bold. It is designed with a chrome layout. It also consolidates two headlights fitted with an on-and-off functionality that is auto.

The beauty of its 20-Inch alloy wheels leaves beholders with admirations. The wheels are bright and fitted with faces that are machine-finished. Its wheels are easy on the eyes. The Pilot’s led taillights stand astride between the tailgate and rear quarter panel. The taillights maintain their usual shape and feature unique LED accents.

Honda Pilot comes with Honda genuine car accessories. You can tailor the Pilot accessories to your liking. You can pick 20-inch wheels, durable running boards, roof rails, and chrome door trims that can add an upscale look to your Pilot.

2021 Honda Pilot Interior

2021 Honda Pilot Interior

The interior of the Pilot 2021 is spacious, comfortable, and can accommodate up to eight people. Comfort achieved with leather seats distributed throughout the SUV’s cabin. The cabin’s flexibility gives room for the user to configure the seats into different sitting arrangements.

2021 Honda Pilot Interior Grey Leather

Available in the second row is the cozy captain’s chair with first-class treatment.

It is easy to move inside the cabin. With just a push of a button on the second-row seat, one gets easy access from the second row into the third row.

How about this for a feature? The driver of the Pilot can communicate to the passengers occupying the rear seats through a CabinTalk In-Car public address system.

2021 Honda Pilot Amenities 

The Cabin is fitted with high-tech amenities that give the passengers a high level of comfort. The amenities include:

  • Heated and ventilated front seats

On a chilly drive, a setting with three heat levels makes sure that the car has the right amount of warmth. When it is blazing hot, on a hot summer, the perforated leather seats circulate cool air in the car. This ensures that the users have the right amount of temperature inside the car.

  • Moonroof 

The Pilot comes fitted with a sliding and light-adjusting moonroof. With just one touch, the moonroof adjusts itself to allow light into the cabin and broaden the view above the room. You can control the amount of light penetrating the cabin by the use of the sliding shade that is fitted on the moonroof.

  • Phone chargers

The car is full? Multiple phones are running low on charge? Worry less because the Pilot is fitted with a wireless phone charger. The charging zone provides troubles charging experience.

  • Entertainment System

Get entertained from the comfort of your seat. One does not need to keep on requesting the pilot to change the must. From the rear seat, enjoy streaming audio apps, Blu-ray, and DVDs. Additionally, the Rear Entertainment Systems has an accessible functionality that is user-friendly to passengers with disabilities.

Cargo space

2021 Honda Pilot Cargo Space

The Pilot’s cargo space is large, almost similar to a minivan’s. Loading cargo into the car cargo space is made easier with a hands-free access tailgate that is self-powered.

Are you traveling to a camp or moving your daughter or son to college or visiting your parents upcountry and you are worried your luggage will not fit in the cargo space? Worry less because, with 109 cubic feet, the Pilot 2021 gives you enough space volume especially when the 2nd and 3rd-row seats are folded.

The cabin comes with its accessories. The-season floor mats insulate the original car carpets against mud, dog hair, or wet shoes. Additionally, the 3rd-row seats have a cover that offers stylish protection to the original seats against food and drinks spills, dog hair. The covers ensure your original seats do not undergo wear tear by maintaining their primo nature.

Are you worried that your luggage might spill on a sharp turn? No. A folding cargo tray protects the storage area from accidental spills. In case you have two pieces of luggage that you wish kept apart, cargo bin dividers ensure that the luggage does not mix.

2021 Honda Pilot Technology

Technology has simplified and made driving safer and easier. The Honda Pilot is installed with sophisticated technological features to aid in piloting. Some features are the 9-speed automatic transmission that is fitted in each trim and the Special Edition trim that is arrayed with unique technology. This SUV’s design makes it a road-ready drive build to thrill you with its adventure.


The 2021 Honda Pilot was tested in some severe weather regions in the USA. It was tested in Minnesota. The SUV’s capability was pushed to its limit at the Automotive Enviro Testing (AET) Company. From the test, the Pilot 2021 can perform in any condition you take it; be it in a freezing region, to harsh terrains.

Are you worried you might struggle driving on snowy or muddy terrains? Worry less. The 2021 Pilot is fitted with an Intelligent Traction Management System whose work is to improve handling across such tricky terrains.

The Pilot 2021 SUV is an all-wheel car. Driving along tough surfaces is simplified by an all-wheel-drive system.


  • Apple CarPlay Integration

Do you have a compatible iPhone? Use it to send and receive text messages, get road directions, and more with the help of the Display Audio touch-screen.

  • Android Auto Integration

Just like apple devices, use compatible Android gadgets to get direction, receive or send messages through the Display Audio touch-screen.

  • Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System.

This satellite-linked Honda navigation system employs offline maps that help riders to find their way even in areas whose cell phone signals are poor or not in existence. As well as offering offline direction, the system features lane guidance to prepare the pilot of the upcoming turns in advance.

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability

With a data plan from AT&T, turn your Pilot SUV into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Use the hotspot to browse, stream and entertain yourselves.

  • CabinControl

You don’t like the pilot’s taste in music, you would like to adjust the climate inside the cabin? Any passenger can adjust the climate and change the music without involving the pilot by using a CabinControl app installed on their smartphones.

  • Hondalink

The pilot can install a Hondalink app on their phone whose subscription services offer the pilot access to fuel/range status. Additionally, the system allows you to lock and unlock the door from the phone’s smartphone.

Honda Pilot 2021 Technology and Safety 

  • Blindspot information system

Fitted with sensors in the bumper of the Pilot 2012, the blind spot information system (BSI) alerts the pilot when vehicles in the adjacent lanes are detected.

  • Cross Traffic Monitor

The fitted sensors in the rear bumper will alert the pilot in case an approaching vehicle is detected. In turn, the pilot will have additional help when backing up.

  • Multi-angle Rearview Camera

The multi-angle rearview camera offers the driver a better rearview. It offers three different angle views: normal, top-bottom, and wide.

  • Ace Dody Structure

This is a structure that is exclusively built in Honda cars. The Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) improves the car’s occupant’s protection and frontal crash compatibility in collisions from in front.

The Honda Sensitivity Suite

This is a tool tailor-made to alert the pilot of any impending danger. It is fitted with modern drive-assertive technology whose deserved is geared towards alerting the pilot to enforce his/her safety as well as the safety of the passengers.

The Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) subtly adjusts the car’s steering during a long highway drive into a detectable lane.

The Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) has the ability to bring the driver to a halt by automatically applying the brake’s pressure when the CMBS determines that the car can’t avoid a frontal collision.

The Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM) has the technological ability to determine if you cross over to leave your driving lane with signaling. It further provides steering assistance to aid the driver to go back to his/her lane or enable braking to aid the driver from leaving the roadway entirely.

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) aids the driver to maintain a set that follows the interval behind a vehicle that is detected on a long highway. In case the vehicle abruptly stops without warning, ACC is designed in a manner that will make the 2021 Honda Pilot stop as well. After stopping, the pilot is advised to top on the throttle which will instruct the car to continue maintaining a safer distance.

Honda Pilot 2021 Engine and Fuel Consumptions 

The Pilot 2021 SUV uses a V-6 engine with a 3.7L capacity able to create 280-horsepower. With an all-wheel-drive, it gives the drivers a 20mpg in the city, a 27mpg while driving on the highway. It is fuel consumption is relatively smaller compared to other SUVs in the category.

Honda Pilot 2021 Models / Trims

Honda Pilot 2021 is available in 7 trims for customers to choose from. All seven trims are fitted with an automatic 9-speed transmission. They are:

  1. Pilot LX
  2. Pilot EX
  3. Pilot EX-L
  4. Pilot Special Edition
  5. Pilot Touring
  6. Pilot Elite
  7. Pilot Black Edition.

2021 Honda Pilot Price

2021 Honda Pilot Price depends on the model you are choosing – Below is the prices as of Jul 2021

Pilot LX – Starting at $ 32,550*
Pilot EX – Starting at $ 35,230*
Pilot EX-L – Starting at $ 38,660*
Pilot Special Edition – Starting at $ 39,260*
Pilot Touring – Starting at $ 43,220*
Pilot Elite – Starting at $ 48,720*
Pilot Black Edition. – Starting at $ 50,220*

With these features, the Honda 2021 Pilot is the ideal family SUV. It is rated with a 5 star from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 


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