Michelin Primacy Tour A/S Review – Grand Touring All Season Tires

Michelin Primacy Tour A/S Review:  Michelin is arguably the best tire manufacturing company in the world. Therefore, it’s a little surprising that their one of their latest car brand is labeled premium. The Primacy Tour A/S is an all-season Grand-Touring tire manufactured for owners who are looking for luxurious comfort, safety, and durability.

In a market where competition is stiff, where the term premium is commonly thrown around on any tire, Michelin stands out as one of the tires that live up to the expectations of the premium tags of their tires. The Michelin website prides that their Primacy Tour A/S is the preferred manufacturing tire for 1 out of 4 of the world’s premium car manufacturers. The premium car manufacturing car companies that manufacture this tire on their vehicles are the Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW.

Michelin Primacy Tour A/S Review

The Michelin Primacy Tour A/S is built for Grand-Touring vehicles like SUVs, family sedans, coups. It comes only come the upper-diameter wheeled cars raging from size 17’’ to size 21’’

Michelin Primacy Tour A S Review

Michelin employs the latest tire technology that is engineered to reduce the track noise, improve traction and offer comfort for an all-season touring. The tread is infused with compounds that are engineered to increase the tire’s lifespan, improve handling, and cornering. Michelin uses a technology that they called ComfortControl With Piano, whose role is to reduce the ride’s noise to negligible levels.

The Primacy Tour A/S, as offered by Michelin, comes is various warranties ranging from 55,000 miles warranty for H and V speed rated car sizes and 45,000 miles warranty for the W speed rated car sizes.

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Which types of vehicles can use the Primacy Tour A/S?

Michelin built this tire for the family sedans, SUVs, crossovers, coupes who are driven by a desire to achieve high-level comfort while driving the car all season long.

Is it an All-Season tire? 

A tire’s biggest selling feature is its ability to perform excellently on dry, wet, and snow surfaces. Most customers prefer these types of tires. The Primacy Tour A/S is an all-season grand touring tire that offers great balance, handling, cornering, and traction on the tarmac, wet surfaces, ice, and snowy surfaces. In essence, this means that the owner does not need to change their tires in relation to the change in climatic conditions.

To achieve this, like other all-season tires, the Primacy Tour S/C is created by molding an asymmetric pattern that is made from a very durable all-season compound. The primary role of the all-season compound is to ensure that the tire is conditioned to withstand extreme temperatures. In simplified terms, it ensures that the tire is perfect on the summer roads as well as the cold winter roads.

The asymmetrical pattern of the tread design has the best sipe details and groove pattern, which increases the number of undercuts for gripping the road. They can grip the road and improve the all-weather performance of the tire.

The circumferential groove of the tread design also actively prevents slippage and hydroplaning. They cut water and partially melted ice from the surface on which the tire to prevent slipping and increase traction. When water and mud stick to the road and cut off the contact between the tire and the road, water skiing occurs, which causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle. These can lead to dangerous situations, and it is best to avoid such situations by purchasing an all-weather tire.

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How is the Primacy Tour A/S’s performance on Winter Roads?

Michelin’s website claims that the Primacy Tour A/S has improved performance on winter roads compared to its predecessor, Michelin Primacy MXM4. The Primacy Tour A/S is fitted with a modern improved rubber compound whose role is to maintain tread block flexibility when using the car in cold temperatures. Tread block flexibility helps traction on snow and ice.

The tire’s tread is also fitted with sharp lateral grooves whose angles cling onto snowy surfaces to improve cornering with confidence in icy conditions. The tread also has zigzag-shaped sipes that are built inside the inboard ribs to improve surface grip on snow and ice

The braking distances on snow are very short, making Primacy Tour A/S one of the tires with the shortest braking distance amongst its tire category.

How is the Primacy Tour A/S’s Performance on Wet and Slippery Roads? 

Driving on a slippery, wet, or muddy surface can be a big hassle when one is driving with car tires that do not have wet roads tailor-made features. Michelin’s Primary Tour A/S’s performance on such a surface is excellent. It is built to ensure that a driver has comfortable driving and handling the car. This is achieved through these features.

  • The tire’s tread has a wide outboard shoulder block that aids in the evacuation of water and mud, which in turn brings down the possibility of hydroplaning on a wet surface.
  • The circumferential grooves on the thread use wide grooves for better water evacuation. This helps in reducing hydroplaning, improving handling on wet and slippery surfaces, as well as offering comfortable cornering.

How is the Primacy Tour A/S’s Performance on Dry Tarmac?

The Primacy Tour A/S’s performance on dry tarmac is one of the best in the premium tires. The tire has wide outboard shoulder blocks whose role is to aid dry handling. A driver driving a car with these tires experiences excellent handling and braking.

The Michelin Total Performance

Michelin is one of the companies that continuously push to research aimed at improving the quality of their tires. This in return, continuously improves safety, durability and economizes on the consumption of fuel.

The Michelin’s Total Performance feature is one of the unique features that makes it a standout tire amongst other companies. The Total Performance package offers a lifeline to customers whose tires have worn out. This package ensures that the tire can still function even the tire is worn out.

Durability and Warranty

The most durable tires are said to be cost-effective. The longer a tire lives, the fewer times an owner is forced to fork out money to replace them. Michelin is known for manufacturing tires that are very durable, and the Primacy Tour A/S is not any different from others.

The Primacy Tour A/S was created with a flat footprint. The improved tread life is due to the optimized tire footprint and the model’s tight road contact. They let the tire distribute driving pressure uniformly over the tread surface. Acceleration, cornering, and braking forces are evenly distributed across the tread surface, preventing uneven wear patterns. As a result, the t

Michelin offers a range of different mileage warranties. They range from 45,000 to 55,000 mileage depending on the speed rate sizes. For the H- and V-speed rated models, Michelin offers a 55,000 miles warranty, whereas for the W-speed rated models, they offer a 45,000 miles warranty.

To aid the tire owner in monitoring the thread life of his tire, Michelin employs the standard Tread wear indicators (TWI). These indicators are built inside the circumferential grooves in the form of narrow bars. These bars get recessed as the tires wear out. When the thread finally wears out, the bar will be clearly visible up to the point where it will get erased completely.

At this point, it is an indication that the tire can no longer support hydroplaning resistance, and it is, therefore, unsafe to use the tire.

Is Primacy Tour S/A comfortable and refined? 

Michelin claims that Primacy Tour S/A is the quietest tire ever. They have incorporated technology in ensuring that this tire offers the driver and passengers a comfortable, balanced, and quiet drive.

The sidewalls are firmer to the handling responsiveness and to make the tire slightly more direct. To attain a refined and quiet that is synonymous with luxurious cars, Michelin fitted a five-riv pattern.

PIANOp Noise Reduction provides improved comfort control. Tuning blends frequency-canceling shoulder grooves and block chamfers with ultra-smooth belts for an incredibly silent ride. As well, for a very silent ride, this tread design blends frequency canceling shoulder grooves and block chamfers with ultra-smooth belts.

The inside architecture, on the other hand, has a polyester casing that keeps the tire in its optimal form at all times. This allows the tire to maintain a close relationship with the road surface throughout its operation. Because of the tighter road contact and the polyester casing, the tire is able to absorb the stress of driving, lowering the amount of road vibration perceived by passengers in the vehicle’s cabin.

Controllability and Handling 

Tires must provide stable and accurate controllability because they are the only link between the road surface and the vehicle, ensuring a safer driving experience. Tire manufacturers aim to design tires that increase the driver’s control of the vehicle in a variety of situations.

The Primacy Tour A/S was designed with an asymmetric tread pattern and a flat footprint. The optimal tire footprint enables the tire to keep constant road contact throughout its performance. As a result, the tire increases its steering responsiveness and driving stability. While the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure influencing the model, the upgraded road contact enhances steering response time and accuracy to the driver’s orders. As a result, the driver can comfortably manage the car throughout the year.


The Primacy Tour A/S tires are not built for off-road riding because they lack the needed traction for off-road driving.

Primacy Tour A/S Sizes

The Primacy Tour A/S is available in 59 different sizes. The sizes are spread into 6 different categories based on the tire’s rim diameter. The diameters are 17’’,18’’ 19’’ 20’’ 21’’, and 22’’. They are spread out as below.


215/55R17 94V, 225/50R17 98V, 235/45R17 97W, 235/55R17 99H, 245/40R17 91H, 245/45R17 99H


225/45R18 95W, 225/55R18 98V, 225/55R18 98V, 225/60R18 100V, 235/40R18 95H, 235/45R18 94V, 235/45R18 98V, 235/50R18 97V, 235/50R18 97H, 235/60R18 107V, 245/45R18 96V, 245/50R18 100V, 245/60R18 105H, 255/55R18 109H


225/40R19 93W, 225/45R19 96W, 225/55R19 99V, 235/50R19 99V, 245/40R19 94V, 245/45R19 98W, 255/35R19 96W, 255/40R19 100V, 255/50R19 107H, 255/50R19 107H


235/55R20 102H, 245/45R20 103V, 245/50R20 102V, 245/50R20 102V, 255/45R20 101W, 255/50R20 105H, 275/50R20 109H


275/45R21 107H, 315/40R21 111H



The Primacy Tour is a terrific tire to choose from if you want year-round traction, optimum comfort, no road noise, all-season capability, outstanding traction on light snow, and great handling. In practically every area, the Primacy Tour A/S is a capable grand-touring tire that competes with the best.